Eulogy of Crows


Eulogy of Crows is a web-based illustrated story.

Two dead friends set out to find a missing man. With the help of a third explorer, they wander through a world made out of the hexagonally-packed dreams of the living in search of him. On their journey, they uncover parts of the mechanism behind their mortality in the afterlife.

This story continues in the tradition of web adventures like Homestuck and Twine stories, as well as narrative-focused games like Disco Elysium. Illustrations, script-style dialogue, and web-hosting are weaved together to deliver a story that can be experienced from any device.


On the first Friday of the month, public updates are posted on the Patreon EoCPublic tag.

Patrons get weekly updates, as well as access to the internal development folder, on the EoCInternal tag.