Eulogy of Crows


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Newest Public Update

Friday, 6/4/2021 v3.0.26 [Public/Internal]

Hey there! Here's what's going on with Eulogy of Crows.

I finished the character lineup for Eulogy of Crows. I have a full, horizontal PNG attached on this post. You can also see it on my portfolio.

Also condensed the files where things are written. 5 text files for the 5 different sections, plus a notes file and a Plot Roadmap file where I can work things out in a more broad way.

Maybe not the most exciting thing on earth to talk about, but it has been cool to see how the drafting process is different between 1 to 3 chapter stories (what I usually write), and something longer like Crows (5 chapters.)

Thanks everybody!


Friday, 6/18/2021 v3.0.27 [Internal] - Writing

Friday, 6/4/2021 v3.0.26 [Public/Internal] - Character Lineup Finished

Friday, 5/21/2021 v3.0.25 [Internal] - Character Lineup Started

Friday, 5/7/2021 v3.0.24 [Public/Internal] - Intro, Story Pages Change, Update Schedule

Friday, 4/30/2021 v3.0.23 [Internal] - Intro

Friday, 4/23/2021 v3.0.22 [Internal] - Intro, Reorganizing Arcs

Friday, 4/16/2021 v3.0.21 [Internal] - Intro

Friday, 4/9/2021 v3.0.20 [Internal] - Intro

Friday, 4/2/2021 v3.0.19 [Internal] - Intro

Saturday, 3/27/2021 v3.0.18 [Public/Internal] - Organizing

Friday, 3/19/2021 v3.0.17 [Internal] - Proofreading

Friday, 3/12/2021 v3.0.16 [Public/Internal] - Intro

Friday, 3/5/2021 v3.0.15 [Internal] - Illustrations, Arc 1 Writing, Intro

Friday, 2/26/2021 v3.0.14 [Public/Internal] - Writing for Intro and Arc 1

Friday, 2/19/2021 v3.0.13 [Internal] - Writing, Website

Friday, 2/12/2021 v3.0.12 [Public/Internal] - Writing

Friday, 2/5/2021 v3.0.11 [Internal] - Cast and Location Icons, Writing

Friday, 1/29/2021 v3.0.10 [Public/Internal] - Concept Art Subfolders, Writing

Friday, 1/22/2021 v3.0.9 [Internal] - Archive with Arc Summaries, Writing, Example Story Pages, Website Code Cleaned Up, jQuery Reusable Elements

Friday, 1/15/2021 v3.0.8 [Public/Internal] - Public Cast Portraits, Improved Public Website Style Guide, Improved Internal Illustration Style Guide, Began Work on Using HTML Semantic Elements, Began Work on Loading in Reusable Elements with jQuery.

Friday, 1/8/2021 v3.0.7 [Internal] - Internal Cast & Setting Page, Internal Plot Roadmap, Public Experimental Branch, Internal Inspiration Board, Internal Story Page Guide, Public Favicon / Logo, Technical Information and Style Guide, Improved Website Layout

Friday, 1/1/2021 v3.0.6 [Public/Internal] - Public and Patron/Internal Development folder posted on Patreon, website builder and domain obtained, beginning work on preliminary concept art.

12/30/2020 v3.0.5 Work for Public Devlog Begins, Preliminary Character Turnarounds (subject to additions/change), Character name changes

12/25/2020 v3.0.4 Lore, world mechanics, Plot skeleton

12/21/2020 v3.0.3 Internal development folder created, Late December - End of January projects planned.

12/18/2020 v3.0.2 Lore, world mechanics

12/13/2020 v3.0.1 Lore, world mechanics

12/5/2020 v3.0.0 Devlog created.